cPanel Basics for New Website Designers

The majority of new website designers will use a shared hosting package, because it is the least expensive and most efficient option for the majority of small business owners. With that in mind, this tutorial covers the basics of using a cPanel for creating and managing your own website. Your ...

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What Effects Your Server Performance

Numbers on paper can appear to mean the world. But how much can you really trust them, and how accurate of a depiction are they to the performance of the device you are using? When it comes to having your own dedicated server, for whatever use you may have, it ...

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Should You Invest In A Media Server?

Most people know about shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, but one type of hosting service that goes overlooked is media servers. These are servers that are built specifically to handle the large amount of resources needed to stream video and audio. A media server allows you to add ...

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5 Factors In Choosing A Cloud Storage Provider

In online companies, or even businesses with online components, one of the hottest topics in the past year or so has been cloud storage. The reason for this is fairly simple: businesses thrive on efficiency and reliability, and these are precisely the benefits that established cloud storage systems offer. The ...

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Public cloud infrastructure services

We have introduced an overview of public cloud. In this article, we’ll explain in detail about the public cloud infrastructure services. Public cloud infrastructure services The cloud technology is widely used in many industries by the power of flexibility and customization to adapt to changes in the technology. In previous ...

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