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Why Go WP Engine For WordPress Hosting

Back in year 2009, I had some problems with WHSR server speed and spent tremendously long hours looking for (and working on) the right fix; then in mid 2010, being paranoid of hackers, I spent sleepless nights learning how to safe guard my WordPress site – I ended up subscribing ...

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Private cloud infrastructure tutorial

We will provide you with useful knowledge about operating procedures of a private cloud infrastructure. Private cloud infrastructure tutorial. Private cloud infrastructure is a structural foundation of private cloud, it consists of many components. To be able to operate a system of private cloud infrastructure, you need to understand its operating procedures. In ...

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[Infographic] Total VPS Hosting Guide

Just in case you have no time for our Total VPS Hosting Guide, the following infographic will give you a quick overview on things you need to know. Keep in mind that most websites launched using a shared hosting plan. It makes sense since a shared web host is the ...

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How to Update CentOS VPS with Yum

Some bugs occured and threated stability of your CentOS VPS system, and even your personal project can be gone away (see the massive threat: ShellShock Bugs). Hence, by updating your system VPS, it will increase your CentOS VPS system security. Update system with yum Use this update option to upgrade ...

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How to check your VPS or Dedicated Server Speed

Whenever you just sign up new server, you can check the quality of the server. One of the crucial factor is about I/O speed of SSD/HDD. You can see the SSD performance by knowing the speed of Input and Output data access time. To check your I/O speed, type this ...

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