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Customized Security Cloud Server India Vendors Offering High Resiliencies

No one is disputing that cloud computing today is a disruptive technology.

With cloud computing tools, companies are able to locate, organize, provision and monitor data center resources with a high degree of independence. This convenience is now popularly known as user-self service.

With cloud server, India vendors are offering precisely this advantage.

So let us get an idea what exactly is user self-provisioning.

User self provisioning is also called cloud self service. It is a system that facilitates companies to set up and launch applications and services in a cloud environment without direct intervention by external IT expertise.


Most providers of cloud, specifically those catering to SMBs offer their own user self-provisioning portals to clients. But if an entrepreneur desires to be the caretaker of cloud resources consumed by it, the company can set up its own in-house self provisioning portals.

Yet, by hosting cloud server, India vendors are facing many security challenges.

Cloud Security
A spurt in the popularity of cloud means a mounting number of end users are interacting with the cloud. This obviously leads to more vulnerabilities and management annoyances for Information Technology experts.

It is true cloud is helping companies achieve more by paying less. However with the openness of resource accessibility and information, security threats are also heightened.

Here are several areas which are posing huge challenges to cloud computing.

Data Protection
While provisioning cloud server, India vendors know that they are facilitating clients expose critical data to a third party. The challenge for the vendor therefore is to see that the data remains secure both at rest as well as during transit. In such a scenario, data needs to be encrypted at all times with definitive roles as who would be authorized to manage or use encryption keys.

Contingency planning
With cloud server, India providers are offering a single repository for an entrepreneur’s mission critical data. This can pose grievous risks to the user in the form of data breach or unavailability of data due to natural or other disasters.

As one IT manager rightly pointed out, “We always try to make clear from our vendor how our data is being secured, and what measures they are taking to secure them”.

It is no surprise that companies, more often than not make contingency plans in the event cloud hosting providers fails or goes insolvent.

Data secured by cloud must be accessible only to authorized entities. This is vital because right of use of company data is one of the cornerstones of security.

Fortunately, while provisioning cloud server, India vendors enable clients to view data access logs and audit trails so that they can evaluate authenticity of users.

System vulnerabilities
Bugs in IT are not something new, but with multi-tenancy in a cloud environment they have become bigger issues than ever before. Companies are sharing memory, databases, and numerous resources in close proximity to each other. This has made much vulnerability to surface.

Luckily, while providing cloud server, India providers have put in place best practices such as repairing issues as quickly as possible in an automatic manner.

Account grabbing
In spite of the best efforts by IT experts, phishing and fraud still take place. And the cloud environment has added a new dimension to cyber crime. Attackers are having many opportunities including manipulating transactions, altering data and using cloud applications to initiate other attacks.

Insider threats
An insider threat has many countenances – a former staff, a system administrator or even a business partner. A cloud environment offers such people plenty of scope to go to the extent of devastating the entire cloud infrastructure.

Wise companies bar sharing of account credentials between users and services.

Data loss
Fortunately, while provisioning cloud server, India vendors are ensuring that the risks of data loss due to any reason is extremely small. But there have been cases where businesses have suffered permanent data loss in cloud.

The best bet to preempt such a setting is to allocate data and applications across multiple zones for added safeguards.

While there are genuine benefits of cloud computing, there are several security challenges that can thwart consumers from fully utilizing the benefits of the cloud environment.