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Dedicated Server Los Angeles

Dedicated Server Los Angeles (DSLA) provides dedicated server and VPS cloud hosting in Los Angeles, CA. DSLA provides enterprise-class dedicated servers to resellers, VPS and shared hosts, guests cloud, players, and other customers. Dedicated Server Los Angeles can meet the dynamic needs of the lodging industry.
Dedicated Server Los Angeles only uses networks and high-performance equipment. All our systems use SSD Enterprise and pure Internap bandwidth for fast I / O and best class network performance!
Dedicated Server Los Angeles include:

SSD servers OpenVZ in Los Angeles Cloud
SSD KVM Cloud Servers in Los Angeles
Dedicated Servers in Los Angeles
Roommate in Los Angeles

What is Dedicated Server Los Angeles?
Dedicated server hosting means you do not share server resources with anyone else, the host is to provide you with an entire server all to yourself. Dedicated Server Los Angeles means the location to host dedicated servers is Los Angeles. Dedicated Servers Los Angeles can be loaded with most operating systems and are highly customizable when it comes to hardware. Because you are getting 100% of server resources, a dedicated server is usually a good option if you need a lot of power or disk space. In addition, a dedicated server hosting solution typically provides the end user with root access / admin on the server. This type of full system access is not provided in virtualized or cloud solutions.
The reason why dedicated servers are so popular in Los Angeles is because it allows the webmaster to choose what specific operating system and the hardware used to maintain their website. In addition, dedicated servers offer a lot of flexibility for webmasters and can potentially lower overhead costs. This is possible because the only cost is the webmaster and the cost of dedicated hosting cheap. No middle man to pay! Other features of dedicated server hosting is that it is very safe and could be faster than other web hosting cheap.

What types of clients are placing their websites on Dedicated Server Los Angeles?
Customers who:

Popular own websites with high number of visitors in which information is contained memorable
Wish to have stable mail servers
Wish to have complete control and supervision on their websites

What are the benefits of using Dedicated server Los Angeles service ?
Because of not sharing hardware and software resources of a dedicated server is more secure, high speed without speed fluctuations and high bandwidth compared to non-dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server Los Angeles: Advantages and Disadvantages
Los Angeles is a popular place to host dedicated servers. We understand that different locations are suitable for different customers. When deciding on the location of your server, it can be a difficult decision process with lots of things to keep in mind. So here we provide some advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server in Los Angeles:

Excellent peering capabilities: all major ISPs in Asia / Pacific have a presence in Los Angeles, making interconnection cheap and easy.
The low-latency connections to the Asia Pacific: being the westernmost peering points in the US, Los Angeles dedicated servers can provide the best latency to users in the Asia-Pacific region.
Bandwidth cheap: Unlike the accommodation in China, Singapore, Tokyo, and Australia, to Los Angeles a dedicated server (or anywhere in the United States, really) can provide large amounts of bandwidth at a low price.
“Brand Appeal” Los Angeles is a globally recognized brand (so to speak), and if that can help you do business.


Expensive. With the high cost of living, real estate values, taxes and electricity rates, hosting in Los Angeles will generally be more expensive than places like Phoenix, Dallas, etc.
Increased risk of natural disasters: earthquakes with being a serious threat, off site backups and a disaster recovery plan is essential if you intend to host anywhere in Southern California.
High latency to US East and Europe: With most of the US population on the east coast, the site of the West Coast (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington or Arizona) is far from ideal to reach the majority of the US population. This higher latency will be more important for housing and less important game for the hosting site.

The best Dedicated Server Los Angeles in 2016

We recommend inmotionhosting.com Dedicated Server Los Angeles.
Their top of Linux dedicated servers online can be configured to meet the specific needs of your business. They have a single processor and dual processor dedicated server included with Free SSDs gives customers a scalable, flexible and reliable options within a facility of the state of the art close to One Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA . Their customized fully managed dedicated servers are installed out of the box with LAMP stack. Their Server Hosting Managed dedicated team proactively monitors your server and they are available for custom configurations.
They have the most technologically advanced and affordable options in Los Angeles and the national market!


Lease an entire server (physically at their Los Angeles data center) which is programmed to your specifications and requirements instead of space on one site.
Have administrator (root) access to your own personal server to set up and install any added functionality.
Make sure your site is still online and is accessible to your customers, even during the hours of heavy traffic and mitigating circumstances.
Enjoy a wide bandwidth (up to 20 TB) disk space (up to 16GB), and ultra-fast processing speeds (with Core i3, i5, and i7).
Have 3 dedicated IPs, top quality routers, robust network monitoring and physical security.
multiple host, high-level and complex Web sites on the same node.
Have your customer access via FTP favorite to all hosted sites.
24/7 reap the fruits, technical support based in Los Angeles local telephone or email. (480) 624-2500

We hope these informations that give you a good starting point for making your decision on where to host dedicated server in Los Angeles.