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[infographic] How much does it cost when a data center is down?

This is an enlightening and terrifying infographic.

Data centres are something we are constantly reliant upon for everyday functionality, whether we’re online shopping, booking flights or even performing a cheeky Google search. This big old datafest gives you a look into the absolute global devastation that data centre downtime has the potential to cause.

  • Computing demand at data center recorded a 63% growth in 2012.
  • $69 trillion would be lost per hour if all data centers in the world go down at the same time.
  • 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours downtime per week, which could potentially lead to $46 million annual losses in labor cost.
  • Google’s recent 5 minute outage is led to a 40% drop in worldwide Internet traffic.
  • 73% of downtime is the result of human error.

21st century civilisation is totally dependent on communications, travel, security and data access – without this accessibility, financial and even societal collapse are inevitable. We think this is a very significant infographic and a real eye-opener in terms of the colossal importance of data. Take a look at the catastrophic aftermath and the unimaginable costs of these information outages.