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Plesk vs Cpanel Server Hosting

If you are planning to opt for server hosting in the near future, this information on Plesk vs. cPanel server hosting might be useful to you in more than just a way.
cPanel Server HostingBefore we start making any conclusions, let us first try understanding cPanel server hosting and Plesk server hosting by differentiating between the two so that all confusions are best avoided and we can come to a common decision. Let us first read about Cpanel hosting and then move our focus to Plesk hosting.


cPanel is preferred by some experts as its fully functional graphical interface makes it easy to manage website besides offering complete data security and protection against viruses and malicious applications. It is also admired for being more user-friendly, particularly for new entrants to the world of web hosting. This is simply because the interface is simple when compared to Plesk where there is a need to check documentation at times. Moreover, users intending to try cPanel benefit from shorter learning curves when compared to their Plesk counterparts. But cPanel is not considered to be a feasible option when it comes to DNS clustering when compared with Plesk that provides stable and easy-to-use enterprise grade product.

Why-Choose-Plesk-Control-PanelPlesk, on the other hand, is an excellent option for advanced users striving for more options and an improved functionality. The fact that Plesk is cross-platform software makes it useful when potential users opt for windows. It supports both Windows and Unix based operating systems, which means that hosting providers are at complete comfort since they can easily implement the control panel software on both Unix and Windows hosting packages. The comprehensive built-in SiteBuilder software of Plesk and lowest total cost of ownership of any shared hosting control panel are also admired by advanced server hosting users.


If that was not all, the Plesk appearance that resembles the Windows XP desktop helps most users solve issues on their own rather than making desperate calls to customer care asking for advice. Plesk upgrades, though sketchy on occasions, can use RPM (a package management system) for adding or removing packages in a better way than with cPanel. In addition to all these benefits, most server hosting users recommend Plesk because of the few security, upgrade, and operational issues besides admiring it for the ease of use.
If you want to sum up, it is clear that Plesk server hosting has an upper hand over cPanel server hosting in terms of performance, stability, cost effectiveness, adaptability, and advancement.

Now that we have finally concluded that Plesk hosting is superior to cPanel, let us read on how to maximize benefits from this type of server hosting. If you want to take your business to the next level, outsourcing Plesk hosting can be the most rewarding option. For this, you can prefer India as it is the most trusted provider of Plesk hosting. After all, getting things done from experts at 1/10th the cost (if you compare it with the local rates in the local market) is a wise decision by all standards.

We hope that this Plesk vs. cPanel server hosting will help you to make a better decision as far as server hosting is concerned.