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Why Businesses Switch To Cloud Hosting

So, Why More And More Websites Are Going Cloud? What makes cloud a better hosting option? Why more and more websites choose to host their websites in the cloud? Here’s a quick round up on why people (business owners, especially) go cloud. Easier and faster communication Before, the primary means ...

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cPanel Basics for New Website Designers

The majority of new website designers will use a shared hosting package, because it is the least expensive and most efficient option for the majority of small business owners. With that in mind, this tutorial covers the basics of using a cPanel for creating and managing your own website. Your ...

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Magento Ecommerce: Market Segments & Best Practice Websites

Magento usage trends can be categorised in numerous market segments. From these it is most commonly found in shopping, business and vehicle ecommerce websites. To properly migrate and integrate Magento as an ecommerce platform of choice, businesses in these sectors are typically employing a web hosting provider to deliver an ...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Website Host

f you’re like most entrepreneurs, your website makes up at least part of your income and when there are website hosting issues, it can impact your bottom line. There is nothing worse than a website hosting company that goes down without warning or explanation, takes forever to rectify problems, fails ...

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5 Trends in Web Hosting That You Should Know About

Here at Web Hosting Secrets Revealed, we spend a lot of time thinking about web hosting. Generally speaking, we look at how individual web hosts stand up in terms of cost, service, and reliability. These are real and important factors when you’re considering a host for your site. But there’s ...

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[Infographic] Top 10 Web Hosting Countries

Which Country Has The Most Hosting Companies? The web hosting industry is one of the most crucial in the world, particularly given the increased reliance most of us have on the internet and various online platforms on a day-to-day basis throughout our lives. If you’re one of the increasing number ...

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