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How to Prepare Your Business When Engaging to the Cloud?

Many companies now are searching for innovations when it comes to IT initiatives. One popular trend that has been going on for years but recently being popularized is cloud computing. With cloud data storage, businesses can be more cost-efficient since they do not have to purchase hardware and train their ...

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Top 20 Questions to Ask a Web Host Before You Sign Up

Choosing a new web host can be a nerve-wracking experience. A bad web hosting company can be a nightmare for website owners. Downtime, lost files or poor customer service can all work to derail your online business. Fortunately, there are some questions you can ask that may help narrow down ...

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Why Free Web Hosting is Not the Best Option

Starting up a website is easy, effortless and can be done free of charge with trusted sites like WordPress.com and Blogger. While this may sound like a great option for people who are blogging as a hobby, if you want to become a serious blogger, create a useful site or ...

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5 Trends in Web Hosting That You Should Know About

Here at Web Hosting Secrets Revealed, we spend a lot of time thinking about web hosting. Generally speaking, we look at how individual web hosts stand up in terms of cost, service, and reliability. These are real and important factors when you’re considering a host for your site. But there’s ...

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