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What Effects Your Server Performance

Numbers on paper can appear to mean the world. But how much can you really trust them, and how accurate of a depiction are they to the performance of the device you are using? When it comes to having your own dedicated server, for whatever use you may have, it ...

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5 Trends in Web Hosting That You Should Know About

Here at Web Hosting Secrets Revealed, we spend a lot of time thinking about web hosting. Generally speaking, we look at how individual web hosts stand up in terms of cost, service, and reliability. These are real and important factors when you’re considering a host for your site. But there’s ...

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No Overselling Web Host: What Are Your Options

Overselling is a concept that ethically is a bit off, but unfortunately happens all too often in the hosting world. In a shared server scenario, hosting providers are responsible for selling, allocating, and managing the sub-divided server spaces. When you purchase hosting services on a shared server configuration, you are ...

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