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Top 5 Hybrid Cloud Hosting Providers In India

Hybrid cloud hosting stands between private and public cloud hosting and seeks to combine the components of on-premises dedicated hosting with public cloud services. Private environment is used for sensitive or uncomplicated data processing needs whereas public clouds are used for complicated applications where data is generated in bulk. Hybrid ...

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5 Factors In Choosing A Cloud Storage Provider

In online companies, or even businesses with online components, one of the hottest topics in the past year or so has been cloud storage. The reason for this is fairly simple: businesses thrive on efficiency and reliability, and these are precisely the benefits that established cloud storage systems offer. The ...

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Top Cloud Computing Stories of 2015

Cloud adoption continued to grow at an accelerated pace for most of 2015. However, this growth was tempered by concerns about cloud security, especially in the healthcare sector which experienced massive security breaches. While Forrester predicts that the global cloud computing market will grow 22% annually to $241 billion in ...

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