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What is Cloud Server and The Advantages of Cloud Server

1. What is Cloud Server?
– With the development of information technology, today the individuals, organizations and businesses do not need to invest a large cost to possess and use one server to serve the office work, play e-commerce development and application of technology for business, trade and services, corporate communications.
– Customers can choose to use the virtual server – VPS server to be used as a server specifically for the needs of the company. But now a new concept, a new technology is being used and bring better efficiency that is Cloud Server.
– Cloud Server will provide customers with a Virtual Private Server VPS similar but are developed and implemented based on cloud computing technology will therefore inherit the features and advantages of the technology This new that you will not get when using the conventional VPS.
– Cloud Your Server operates on multiple server physical connections. This allows you to have instant access to an unlimited supply, traditional storage environment resources are often limited to a physical server. Your cost is determined by the amount of resources Node your choice including CPU, RAM, storage space and monthly bandwidth. Our Cloud Server is fully customizable and can extend the resource up or down to meet your needs.

2. Salient Features of Cloud Server
High Availability
– Cloud Server system with self-monitoring mechanism of the server status in the “Cloud” and customers will enjoy the benefits of automatic switching system between servers when one of the physical encounter Server Node trouble (because it could not connect and maintenance).
Scalability Easy

– If the customer needs more resources to handle you do not need to hire a new server, the provider will give you the ability to upgrade Server convenient and fast that you can upgrade the server according to demand their use.
SAN storage system
– SAN storage system platform with 24 HDD RAID 10 provides you with an unsurpassed speed access, to help Server you can run faster and avoid “bottlenecks” on the common storage devices conventional NAS.


Friendly management
– Cloud Server gives you the interface to manage the server friendly Web 2.0 platform with a full range of features in the browser as: reboot, poweroff, resource management, Reset Server, …. and other advanced features with just a few clicks.
Remote access
– All Server on system offers remote access service. With Linux you can ssh into the server with root privileges, with Windows you can Remote Desktop to Server and conduct on-demand configure your server.
Backup Systems
– System backup under the “snapshot” helps reduce the time and provide a complete image of configuration information and your data on the server. You can restore Server safely and most convenient.
Security system
– Use of advanced security equipment Cisco firewalls and system control data flows in / out help complete separation system with external environmental Cloud. To prevent unauthorized access to the Cloud to help customers complete peace of mind on your Server
Sign up and initialization fast
– The registration and initialization Server completely automatic help customers save their time. Simply register for the service and declare Server configuration information you need, you can use the Server only during less than 10 minutes from the subscription service.
Operating systems varies form
– You want to use Linux, Windows or services such as IIS or Apache comes. The server provider will give you a list of over 100 pre-built operating system with rich features that you can install Server quickly in minutes.
Highly configurable and dedicated
– Cloud Server using Server Dedicated systems of leading manufacturers like Cisco, Dell, IBM and SuperMicro with high profile and a solid network foundation. Give you the best service to you always reassuring to use.
Resources made
– Cloud Server commitment not to sell exceeds the amount of resources actually available, not race for profit regardless of customer benefits and service quality. The technical design of the system is the Managing Cloud Server virtualization really, commit the resources have been granted will not be given to anyone else.