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Why Businesses Switch To Cloud Hosting

So, Why More And More Websites Are Going Cloud?


What makes cloud a better hosting option? Why more and more websites choose to host their websites in the cloud? Here’s a quick round up on why people (business owners, especially) go cloud.

Easier and faster communication

Before, the primary means of communication companies use are phone calls and personal meet-ups. Whether internal or external communications are involved, cloud hosting makes it easier and faster for every company. Interaction within the company, with clients, and with remote services are made possible through emails, chats, or video conferences.

Easier to set up

Companies can leave all the technical aspects of setting up their IT needs to cloud computing services. The clients are only required to do simple methods to get it up and running. Moreover, clients do not need to rely heavily on an IT specialist as they can handle cloud services with a click of a mouse.

High availability

When a computer fails, the document (or any data on screen) is lost unless it was being constantly saved. With cloud hosting, companies can trust that their websites would still be online despite of hardware failure.

Grow a company’s web presence

Internet marketing is already an essential tool for a company’s advertising plan. Cloud hosting provides software that will allow companies to market their business online. This includes email marketing, online videos, and advertisements, among others.


One of the reasons companies switch to cloud computing is due to its environmental benefits. As companies use fewer computers (and other hardware) with cloud computing, they minimize their monthly electric consumption. Less electric consumption means less carbon footprint for that company.

Websites will load faster

Cloud hosting uses multiple web servers on multiple geographic locations. As such, a client based on any country will be directed to a web server based within or on the country nearest to him/her. Websites will load much faster this way.

Cost effective

Cost-effective means are always a gain for any business, especially if the service delivers. Cloud hosting only requires companies to own a terminal with limited processing power, but the latter can already avail of a wide array of services, such as operations and management of the infrastructure, customer support, data backups and recovery, and service provisioning.

Highly automated

Personnel from the IT department do not need to concern themselves with constantly updating their software, as cloud hosting companies already provide for this kind of service.

IT departments can now focus on other matters

Since the cloud hosting company works on majority of the IT department’s responsibilities, the company can now redirect the IT department’s efforts to other matters like internal issues and direct client services.

Going Cloud – What Are Your Choices

Depending on the needs of the user, they can opt to use traditional, VPS, or cloud hosting. However, the benefits of cloud computing cannot be ignored anymore, as it is already starting to make a name in the IT industry. In case you are searching for the right cloud host, do support our advertisers listed below.

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