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Why Go WP Engine For WordPress Hosting

Back in year 2009, I had some problems with WHSR server speed and spent tremendously long hours looking for (and working on) the right fix; then in mid 2010, being paranoid of hackers, I spent sleepless nights learning how to safe guard my WordPress site – I ended up subscribing to VaultPress, costing me extra $40/mo (ouch).

If WPEngine (http://www.wpengine.com) existed earlier, I would have saved my time for other stuffs – drink more beer, go more gym, travel more to other countries, make more money; or simply, play more StarCraft2 and get a better league ranking ;).

What I Like About WP Engine Security Features


In this post, I am going to share with you a few security (and stability) factors that made me decide on the switch.

1. No Overselling Host

Unlike most other hosting companies, WPEngine does not oversell. Excessive RAM is allocated to keep all non-media file system cache in RAM (this makes your site load faster) plus the load balancer assures your server average CPU load never exceed 0.2 per CPU at all time.

And, in case for some reasons your site needs more CPU power than usual, an extra cluster server will be served (which is my next point).

2. Extra Cluster Server When Necessary

Worry about digg or slashdot impact? Stay on the safe side with WP Engine. In case your server is down or overloaded, WPEngine will reroute your site traffics to another server. Generall,y this means your site gets 100% uptime with WPEngine.

3. Content Deliver Network Feature

WPEngine is the only WordPress hosting that comes along with CDN feature. The bundled service is an advantage as one, it’s much cheaper; and two, best of all, the technical staffs will configure everything for you.

4. Instantaneous WordPress Auto Upgrade

WordPress upgrades are vital – it protects your WordPress websites against known threats and bugs. With WP Engine, All WordPress installations at WPEngine are upgraded the same hour as a security path is released.

5. Hacker Cleanup Guarantee (HCG)

WPEngine’s HCG is another wonderful feature that puts me sleep well at night. What’s included in this guarantee is that, if your site ever get hacked (which is quite unlikely), WPEngine will have clearly-written procedure on how to handle the situation and the management guarantees to clean up everything for you.